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Raven-Symoné just posted this image on her Facebook and polish, it’s made me MAD. This is what I write about it on Facebook:


As an African this image is infuriating to me personally.

1) Africa is a continent, not a country

2) Africa has prosperous, beautiful big cities with wealthy, comfortable, happy people as well as people in dire states of need.

THERE ARE EMPOVERISHED PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD AND THEY ALL NEED OUR HELP. This common image of Africa as ‘Land of the Charity Cases’ makes me furious. You think of Africa and it’s all pitiful starving children, tears, hands extended, begging for your spare change and off cuts. I feel like Western Asia often gets tarred with the same brush. Charity is needed in Africa like it us needed in Asia, Europe, The Americas, Australasia, all over the world. I’m not saying STOP giving to charity I’m just saying that there are millions of people rich and poor in Africa and they demand respect not pity. We aren’t begging for your damned ice water, we are looking for ways to build pumps and wells in our villages. We don’t wan the food your child won’t finish at the table, we want the means to grow and buy our own. Africa is striving for Education, improved infrastructure, to create wealth for all of us that desire it, to create a future that isn’t war torn and tumultuous. We are more than just your ‘I’m such a good person’ trump card, we are millions of lives and languages and backgrounds and faces that are all grouped together, called primitive, with our hands twisted to look outstretched and begging.


According to an IRIN report in 2005, 82% of arable land in South Africa is still owned by Europeans and those of European descent through colonization.

Yet a lot of people be giving away dresses and bibles to “Africa” as a sum of thinking that is going to solve the problems persisting in specific countries in Africa.

Can we stop homogenizing the experiences of an entire continent for white saviour complexes please?

You are not helping the situations long term, and you are also continueing the racist perpetuation of Africans as “backwards”, “starving”, and “unable to fend for themselves”. When they are very much able to do so if it wasn’t for colonization and white supremacy, which you continue to perpetuate through unsustainable aid, and painting the picture of the “poor Africans”.


An acquaintance of mine posted this image and I commented that the bottom image should also say “America.” The US has had two huge water controversies lately…one in Detroit, where people’s water was being shut off, and an ongoing devastating drought in California. In fact, people were being fined for wasting water in CA because they were doing the ice bucket challenge. There are people in the US without access to clean water, food, etc.

Fuck this disaster porn narrative of “Africa.” If a person’s mind goes to “starving children in Africa “every single time they need to show how much worse off some people in the world are, then they’re perpetuating racism.


amalythia asked: I get why people want diversity in Disney, so do I. But I feel like part of why they avoid it is because if they just don't do diversity, all they get is "Why aren't there PoC?" When they do include PoC, it gets nitpicked. I've heard people complain about the smallest things in Princess and the Frog, including Tiana and her mother sitting on the back of the bus (even though that's historically accurate) - if people actually celebrated it, maybe they'd be more willing.




I don’t agree at all. 

People spin a thousand potential stories about what Disney is “thinking” and most of it is conflicted. But honestly, people have always critiqued movies. All parts of movies. That’s why there are movie reviews in the paper, and it’s not always four stars perfect flick.

When all the critics blast a summer flick for not having enough character development, none of the movie executives throw up their hands and say, "that’s it! we tried to give you a handful of touching moments and you shit on them in your reviews, so now we’re never giving you that again." Like, we still have character development in films. People critiqued the fuck out of Twilight, I heard the vampire genre is still doing okay.

So IDK. While I sort of get what you’re saying, I also think you have to be honest with yourself, in that it’s really unlikely this is the legitimate motivating factor behind an exec’s decision. Probably 90% of internet critique goes under the radar, and what they do hear is usually legitimate concerns. Criticism of racism is not the reason racism perpetuates, which is essentially the core of your argument.

I mean I could point out here that 99% of Disney — both fans and the company — never give a shit about historical accuracy and the only time it really comes out is in arguments about why certain races are dramatically underrepresented? We’re allowed to set aside the reality that 99.9% of Europeans in the middle ages were poor peasants when we have fantasy movies set there constantly starring white people as royalty, but it’s harder for movies to make it to the box office in America and star black people without referencing segregation or slavery (not that these movies aren’t legit, but that isn’t the only story of black people in the U.S., or the world, etc.)

Asking someone to “settle” and “be content with what scraps we managed to throw you because you’re not really owed anything” is a racist tale as old as time, tbh

But those are criticisms of the film itself. That’s a part of art. 

I mean they make characters with PoC, because people demand it, but then they get insulted for including PoC. They made Princess and the Frog, did about as well as they do any other culture, and it got nitpicked. 

The better comparison is this - did people nitpick how Disney portrayed Paris? Denmark? Britain? Any European culture? Of course not. They didn’t belong to any of those cultures, but those cultures overlooked the minor representation issues. But when they portrayed China, people complained. When they portrayed Arabic countries (I’m not sure exactly where Aladdin takes place), people complained. Fuck, Princess and the Frog portrayed an American culture - specifically African American culture in New Orleans. And people STILL complained. 

I’m not saying settle. I’m fucking saying that no representation is perfect. None. Ever. And the fact that Disney had to spend a ton of extra time on Princess and the Frog dealing with people getting offended and fixing the story, the character design, the fucking title, trying to cater to every tiny complaint. And people still complained. 

I’m writing a story with an African princess. And I don’t know if I’ll ever publish it, but I have already prepared myself for tons and tons of criticism. This story also has a Spanish princess though (as in, from Spain). I’m not concerned about how people interpret her at all. I have done significantly more research on the African princess than the Spanish female character, because I know no Spanish person is going to break down my door if I mess something up there, but people will send me death threats if I so much as misspell a word with the other. (I’m researching both for the record). 

You see the problem there? That I feel more concerned with representing one than the other, because I don’t feel like I can make any mistakes on one. 

Of course the obvious solution is to just not write a story with an African princess.

Which is the solution plenty of people demanding representation would tell me to do. Hell some have told me I shouldn’t write any characters outside my ethnicity.

So what am I supposed to do here? Eh? If I write it, everyone will tell me it’s insulting because I did it wrong, even if I research it as much as possible. If I don’t write it, then how dare I not include diversity in my story! It is a no win battle.  

(Also, Twilight destroyed the vampire genre. Prior there were tons of vampire books out. Haven’t heard of one reaching any success since that series came out). 

Bullet points:

  • People criticize Disney portrayal of its characters of color because their portrayals are couched in stereotypes.
  • People don’t criticize Disney’s European films because as a culture, we are far more accepting of white cultures and see them as normal. Not to mention that the mass movie going audience is 1) overall uneducated to foreign cultures and 2) Europe is so homogenized to us that we’ll believe it as long as there are castles and pretty costumes. These films are just as cliched and stereotypical. Honestly, most of them aren’t accurate to the time period and the supposed location. They are all just Americanized views of Europe.
  • For the Princess and the Frog, they had some legitimate things to fix: Tiana originally being a servant named Maddie (I shouldn’t have to tell you why that decision was offensive), the story being called “The Frog Princess”- history of black people being associated with animals (the movie still gets criticized for this and with good reason).
  • Honestly, if this is how you are going to talk about people who ask for respectful representation, I’d be afraid to read this story of yours. If you can’t see why people critice the aspects of Princess and the Frog that they do, I really don’t know how you’re going to represent this character and her culture well. And as for your Spanish princess; just because she’s ostensibly white doesn’t mean that her identity and culture has to fall by the wayside. Maybe learn about what people’s concerns are before you actually finish your story. I would also recommend visiting writingwithcolor.
  • If you’re going to give up writing about someone from another culture just because you’re put off by criticism, then I don’t know why you’re writing. Culture and race are your characters identifications, not who they are. You use their culture and race to help frame their experiences, but you write them as a human being, as a character.
  • What you’re supposed to do, is do your research but also keep in mind that your characters are people, not a cultural ornaments. You do need to keep in mind the feelings of others as well as be aware of the no-nos of what you’re writing. You act as if this is impossible to do, when there’s anything but. You are not going to please everybody, but you can avoid a lot of negative feedback if you take the time out to be respectful of people and what the real issues of representation are.
  • And don’t compare vampires to the representation of people of color. Not to mention that while Twilight was more or less the gateway to culture’s recent inundation of supernatural YA fiction and other genre pieces, it doesn’t mean that the vampire genre is untouchable.




Whoa, scientists have finally uncovered the identity of Jack the Ripper 

I don’t normally reblog things, but this is simply too interesting to not make a note of! Read more at the Independent or the Mirror

This is so misleading that it is frankly a lie.

First of all, “Scientists” haven’t solved anything except determined the results of a DNA test—matching a still-living descendent of the sister of a mental patient with a 126-year-old semen stain on the shawl of a single woman thought to be killed by the Ripper.

  • The idea that they could have a “100% match” is highly tenuous at best; siblingship is a tricky thing to discover through DNA to begin with, and vastly more so when you take into account that they’re testing the descendent of a sibling. There’s a reason that whenever possible, geneticists prefer to test a parent as well as a sibling, given how many DNA loci are recombined to form a sibling’s DNA. They also “matched” the shawl’s owner’s bloodstain to her “three-times great-granddaughter,” proving again a “100% match.” 
  • The DNA evidence has not been independently verified by any authorities.
  • The shawl itself, the one and only piece of physical evidence, has not been independently verified. It “is thought” to have been part of the case.
  • The lead detective on the case is not a detective. He is a self-proclaimed “armchair detective” and history nut. 
  • He is selling a book about this. It doesn’t take an “armchair detective” to realize that a book about looking for Jack the Ripper’s identity is not going to turn a profit without showing “conclusive proof” that they’ve found the killer. 
  • His only other proof is the fact that Kosminski was recorded as a suspect in the 1800s by the police, who were notedly anti-Semetic (Kosminski was a Polish Jew). 
  • This “study,” if it can even be called that when the information was clearly biased, was reported in the Daily Mail and the Mirror, not exactly shining bastions of journalism. Look for it to be discredited very soon. I’m betting Cracked’s “B.S. News Stories that Fooled Your Facebook Friends” gets there within a week.
  • The apparently brilliant scientist that has pioneered this new DNA matching technology, Dr. Jari Louhelainen, is hardly a standout in his field. He is not decorated, has received no awards or fellowships that I’ve been able to find, and is a professor at a college that has turned out only one notable alumnus in the scientific field, ever (and she is an astrophysicist). 
  • Even if the shawl and its two spots of purported DNA were not obviously of over-inflated importance (and if they could be verified), that is far from saying the mystery of Jack the Ripper is solved. All that would be in today’s courtroom is a single piece of circumstantial evidence for ONE of five serial murders.


  1. The newspaper that reported this is a tabloid.
  2. The “detective” is an amateur with a book to sell.
  3. The “scientist” is a lecturer at a new university in England that focuses on sports.
  4. The “evidence” is over-hyped and far from conclusive.
  5. The “evidence” only points to Kosminski for ONE murder out of five.

This is not research. This is sensationalism. The mystery of Jack the Ripper is far from solved.



Tha Mo Ghaol Air Àird A’ Chuain
Julie Fowlis

I heard this song in the trailer of Pixar’s upcoming movie Brave. So I searched around the net and found the title and meaning.

This song is a Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) song. The song is beautiful. And if you read the meaning, it’ll be much more.

Below I’ll post the translation. And of course, the link to the original lyrics.


My Love Is On the High Seas

On a quiet evening at the beginning of May
When the bat was in the skies
I heard a tearful young maiden
Singing beneath the shadow of the green branches
The sun was setting in the sea
And no stars yet graced the sky
When the young girl sang sorrowfully
"My love is on the high seas"

The night's dew began to fall
Each bloom yielding softly to the droplets
The wind blew in a fragrant breeze
Bringing life and renewal to each field
The girl tunefully sang her song
Quiet and peaceful like the June dew
And this chorus constantly repeated
"My love is on the high seas"

Day darkened and the stars shone
Setting their course amongst the clouds
The maiden sat, burdened by her sadness
Her singing could not have been more soothing
I moved closer to the young woman
Singing of her love sailing on the sea
Oh sweet was her sad lament
"My love is on the high seas"

The music enticed me
Nearer to the brown-haired maiden of the warm eyes
And she prayed to the King of Heaven
"Protect my love on the high seas"
Her heart was breaking with love
When I took her by the hand
"Wipe your eyes, your love is safe
I have returned to you from the high seas."


Original Lyrics


Anonymous asked: hi I just clicked on your page and wOW YOU HAVE A NEW THEME!! WOW WOW WOW WOW I really really like it! It's so freaking awesome and I LOVE the pokeballs on the side and WOW. I just really love your blog and I love everything you do c': Thank you for being such a wonderful resource/helper <3


Oy. I think I’m going to keep you. Aw thank you! I thought it was time for a revamp (plus easier navigation). And the pokeballssss. So happy you like those since they were a pain to make because what is photoshopThank you, wonderful anon.

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Anonymous asked: I believe you tagged the wrong Lucas Silveira as trans FC. The one you've reblogged is a brazilian cis man, from band Fresno. The Lucas Silveira who's a trans man is the singer from canadian band The Clicks.

…whoops. Thanks for pointing it out~ I corrected it.

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