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RP Icons // SOO JOO PARK + directory



  • 602 rp icons (100x100) of Soo Joo Park under the cut
    • 28, b.1986
    • Ethnicity: South Korean
    • Known for: Modeling
  • ctrl + f or command + f for positivenegative, and misc emotions
  • All are made by me. Although I didn’t put any sort of watermark on them, please do not repost them or claim them as yours.
  • Made for anon but anyone can use them
  • Please like or reblog if using
  • Other icons can be found at:

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New Writing Contest! If this looks familiar, that’s because it is. The One Sentence story competitions are back! We’ve simplified the rules and changed a few things around to improve the format and accommodate a larger audience, and we’re excited to see what you can come up with. The genre theme for this contest is: Horror


One Sentence One Story

When you’re an authorial superstar, maybe you can throw sentences out with natural flair and have every word mean something new and astounding. Writers who are still learning, however, have to be very aware. Casting aside the bloat of a story and laying bare the essential organs can be painful, but the end result is worth it. Nietzsche, author of Beyond Good and Evil and the Anti-Christ, wrote in Twilight of the Idols: “It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.” This Halloween season, we want you to try to do the same.

Tell us a story in a single sentence. The entry can be in any style, prose or poetic, but the piece should fall within the Horror genre or use themes and symbols closely associated with it. 

Scary stories should be emailed to contest@cleverhelp.org or submitted here with the headline “[Your Title] by [Author] (Horror Contest)” by Midnight EST on October 30th. In order for us to send out fanmail about the contest and results, you must be following the blog to win. Under the cut are specific rules and prizes. Three random followers who reblog to promote the contest, regardless of whether they entered or not, have the chance to win a prize. So, help us get the word out!

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Anonymous asked: For your FC directory, whenever you choose to update it: Erika Linder turned 22 about 29 months ago according to a picture she put up on instagram. You can get age and birth year from that. :-)

Thank you so much~ I’ll make sure to add that in the directory.

09.10.14 ✘ ✘ REBLOG
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Anonymous asked: Hello, could you make Wyatt Nash rp icons? Thank you!

Sorry—I’m not taking requests right now.

09.10.14 ✘ ✘ REBLOG
#anonymous  #ask  


Okay, so I thought about doing a follow forever, but to be honest with you, that is way too much commitment, and (social) life is covered in way too many variables, possibilities, what ifs, and okay-people-turned-assholes. So I’m not going to make a follow forever. THIS IS NOT A FOLLOW FOREVER. Sure, some people on here I will follow forever simply due to their nature of being my proper, unconditional possession and all, but really, this is just me giving all the special people on my dash a shout-out. Some people have a little paragraph written about them, because I have special reason to put them on this list, others will not because I’m not that sentimental of a person. You know, do stuff in moderation. Okay, so.

  • MY TINY BABY UNICORN (omegaplays): she’s a princess, okay? but she’s also king of everything. she’s been my best friend and rp partner for eight years or more, and ain’t nothing about to change that. she’s my number one, my number two, and my number three. i could make this long as dicks, and i would, but i can’t.
  • MY CAT FRIEND (silverbelled): i don’t even know how i met avery tbh, she was just there one day and i ain’t even gonna question it. she understands what it means to be cat and that is super awesome. if jen is my number one, two, and three, then avery is definitely my number four, i’ll fight you on it.
  • BEST IMAN OF ALL (bobsaginowski): if you gonna question my reason for putting iman here, then you obviously don’t know her, because she deserves to be on all your lists, and have all the awesome things said about her. but the thing is, there’s no words for to describe what is an iman, just think of everything that makes you happy and comfortable and not-stressed-out, and that’s iman. also, she’s hella fine, like, what even?
  • MY SHINY SERPERIOR (korcariswild​): kelsey is my video games broski, okay? she understands why ray is fucking grate, but just. she my homie. she’s one of the few people i can spazz about video games with, and i srsly need more of that, but until then, kelsey is the vav to my x-ray, okay? don’t even talk to me about kelsey, she so dumb.
  • MY EEVEE (notmykingdom): another person who is also my pokemon. she’s one of those people that i get on skype for (along with iman and kelsey), because eevee is a+, okay? (ya, i know your name’s evee, but not in my world, son).
  • THE TINY GERMAN MONSTER (tsaesci): tbh, i don’t even like her, but she needs to be in my pocket always. last time i properly spoke to her i actually fell asleep on her bed, but that never happened, so shh. if i had a little sister, she would be it. i’m pretty sure.
  • MY CARD SHARK (grangerwrites): katie shares my humour, obviously, which is either v cynical or sex, tbh. but no, there’s this thing where we play cards of humanity together, and i need only three people to make it awesome for me, and she’s 100% one of them. like, if katie ain’t there, i’m not even for it, to be honest.
  • MY LITTLE BEAR (akinsman): that’s actually her name on my skype, bc she’s ursa minor to my ursa major. look, there’s few words that i can properly use to describe kins with, okay? imagine a really cute, super nice, hella intelligent teddybear that is also kinda shy but the best to hug, then you have kins. she’s the best bear of all the bears, basically.
  • ROBBIE WAT R U EVEN? (jewitts): look. i don’t know why robbie’s on here, but what it comes down to, i always end up having robbie around for some reason. he was around before my tumblr time (i’ve been on tumblr since september 2011), and somehow, after some time, he always ends up showing up in my life again, and that’s totally okay.
  • KAILEN BUT I DON’T EVEN KNOW (threethirtyeight): this is kind of the same story as with robbie, like i met her on a forum i ran once, and i haven’t been able to get rid of her since then, and i have no clue why. like, why are you even here, for serious? even scraping don’t work.

and then there’s also other people that i really like, but i don’t have paragraphs for, sorry, but i like you, alright? i will hug you in the face so hard that it melts off and then i will make an army of faceless awesomeness out of you, for classified reasons: thatfrenchhelperfchelpersholloweverp

Yeah, okay, so. This ain’t a follow forever, alright? This just a shout-out to all the dumb people I sort of like on occasions, and then the people I also talk to when I remember to be social, but then you’re also all my minions, so when I call, I expect you to fucking well do my bidding, or else. I don’t know where that threat is going to go, but yeah.




Okay, guys, when I got to 300 followers, I thought that was way too much. This is just getting ridiculous. To all my mutuals, there is much love between us. To my writing partners, you stick it out though some of my ridiculousness and I really appreciate it. If you ever see me on the dash and you feel like writing with me, talking with me, or getting to know me better, please don’t hesitate to message me! I love getting messages; it validates me. Here’s a follow forever, and I really hope it serves to get some of my favorite blogs a few more followers! (it’s in alphabetical order because I am a queen.)

1x1ofrp | adelaidekane-rph | allanarpsanchorsofrp | ardnchos | ashtonirwinrps | bamhelps | baratheonwrites | barolerph | beaverofrp | bellrps | boofrp | brinnyrps | brittanyunicornrph | broadwayrph | bruisedwayned | buttrph | chocomanips | colfercatrps | crisscolferrph | deanrph | decemberrps | eclectichelper | emiliaofrps | enchantedrph | evansyhelp | gabeofrp | gabi-rps | gaysween | gbf-rpc | gemmastylesassistsharryofrph | itsphotoshop | jojohelps | karouwrites | katgrahamrph | katkillsrph | kendallofrph | kstewrpc | lazyresources | leelynnwriteslenaofrp | lexaofrp | macklehelps | magsrphelp | mandyrph | mapleofrph | markyrph | micheleofrp | momsenrph | neymarhelps | northhelps | onceuponarph | oogieboogierph | peace-rph | perkyrph | pikachurps | poseyofrph | pretendersrpa | psychictwinsrph | pumpkintalks | queensofrph | redpandarps | rodenofrph | roleplayer-helps | roleplaylicious | rphforyou | salemrps | scilestalks | sheahelps | stilinskimccallshelp | stilinskisrph | swanofrph | swansonrps | swiftofrph | vanityofwriting | writer1x1 | zacsfron | zoeyrph



I am honored to announce that I have reached over six hundred followers! It’ll always baffles me how so many people have stumbled upon my page and decided to keep me around!
I am truly lucky to have made so many friends and found so many talented people through the writing and roleplaying (especially in the 1x1 side) communities here on Tumblr! So many intriguing plots and intricate characters have come alive due to priceless collaborations and brainstorming! I’ve become close with so many talented writers and am constantly encouraged to post more of my poems. This means a lot to me.
Every single one of you are exceptional and I hope I get a chance to get to know you if we haven’t talked before, and if we are already friends I hope we create more amazing stories and chat everyday! May your days be filled with happiness, laughter, and inspiration.
Thank you very much for your constant support and company on my dashboard and beyond!
xo Claire
P.S. I really hope I didn’t overlook anyone since there are so many quality people on my dashboard and it’s hard to keep track! In case I do—here is my blogroll.
My über wonderful family (ew I love you guys so much):

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My phenomenally talented partners (a-m-a-z-i-n-g):

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Amazingly enough, I have reached over half a thousand followers! That is crazy, guys! I love my followers so much and am so happy there are so many amazing writers on Tumblr! I actually have two things to celebrate today— Reaching 500 followers and also the opening of an independent roleplay group called the Boston Verse! Please check it out if you’re interested in throwing your original characters into a relaxed and open roleplay group with the goal of character development and overlapping storylines!

Anyway, I just want to give a shout out to all these amazing people on my list! I hope I didn’t miss anyone but everyone is so lovely here. I am always counting my lucky stars for having such incredibly and kind people in my life. Thank you for being constantly supportive and always being a source of inspiration!

xo Claire

In celebration of reaching 500+ followers: Follow Forever List!
My über wonderful family:

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My phenomenal partners:

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RP Icons // JET LI + directory



  • 30 rp icons (100x100) of Jet Li (in Danny the Dog) under the cut
    • 51, b.1963
    • Ethnicity: Chinese
    • Known for: Acting (Romeo Must Die, Hero, The Warlords, The Forbidden Kingdom, The Expendables)
  • ctrl + f or command + f for positivenegative, and misc emotions
  • All are made by me. Although I didn’t put any sort of watermark on them, please do not repost them or claim them as yours.
  • Made for grantdouglasward but anyone can use them
  • Please like or reblog if using
  • Other icons can be found at:

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RP Icons // SEAN FARIS + directory



  • 30 rp icons (100x100) of Sean Faris (in Pretty Little Liars) under the cut
    • 32, b.1982
    • Ethnicity: English/German/Scottish/Irish
    • Known for: Modeling, acting (Never Back Down,The King of Fighters, Forever Strong, Life as We Know It, Pretty Little Liars)
  • ctrl + f or command + f for positivenegative, and misc emotions
  • All are made by me. Although I didn’t put any sort of watermark on them, please do not repost them or claim them as yours.
  • Made for blxght but anyone can use them
  • Please like or reblog if using
  • Other icons can be found at:

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