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MASTERLIST: Female Filipino FCs

I figured I’d make one considering the televisions here are always on The Filipino Channel. This list is comprised of popular female Filipinos or females of Filipino descent; most of them are actresses and singers, though. Names in bold are those with a decent amount of gifs/graphics you can work with (though I’m sure you can find videos of most of them on youtube and make gifs of them that way). If there are any available gif hunts, I added them here (for well-known ones, I added only a few). The list is from oldest to youngest and is listed as such:

name with link to google images (age as of June 2013) b.year-of-birth

If you have any other people you like to see on this list, please message me

The male Filipino FC masterlist is here.

50 and above
19 and younger
Age Unknown
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